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The attention of the printing equipment to make the ICC properties file

by:WenJie     2020-04-09
Article before 7/3 color code, the use of control tools for printing equipment calibration, mainly refers to the field density and network coverage. 7/3 consistent color code, only in this way can correctly reflect the characteristics of the ICC file colour characteristics of the printing & packaging press. 7/3 color scale output, the printing sample. In addition to film output, plate burning process adjustment to the specification. 7/3 printing & packaging sample for chromaticity measurement, after the measure, the software will be measured data with the shade of the color standard of color piece of CMYK data accurately, by the software to generate output device characteristics of ICC file, to save the ICC properties file. With a scanner is only one ICC properties file, there may be multiple characteristics of ICC files a printing press, the reason is that if the paper, ink, outlets, environmental conditions change, will have an effect on color, must therefore be on different combination of paper, ink, making multiple ICC properties files, so as to meet the needs of production. If each color copy related equipment has a characteristics of ICC file, it is the consistency of color copy lay the necessary foundation. Just below the screen soft proofing to illustrate the importance of ICC properties file in color copy. Live a color piece must be through the proofing process, before the formal printing & packaging proofing checks is one of the sample on the quality of the color, if it can be found before actually printing error, can reduce the cost, whether through display preview in advance to the actual printing color effect? Display and print reproduce colour is distinct, the mechanism of the display screen is produced by the red, green, blue three colored light, by assaying the fineness of colored light blending mode, and used in four-color printing yellow, magenta, blue and black ink, four by the pigment in assaying the fineness of mixed mode; At the same time, the color gamut of the two devices are not identical. Therefore, see colors actually on display and the final prints of the color has a larger in and out.
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