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The attention of the corrugated paper printing using water-based ink

by:WenJie     2020-03-28
Water-based ink used in corrugated paper printing, abroad for a long time, also for 20 years in China. Corrugated paper printing is by letterpress printing, offset printing & packaging, rubber water can wash the printing, the development of flexible letterpress water-based ink printing. Flexible letterpress water-based ink from - maleic rosin modified resin series development to acrylic resin series. The use of water-based ink note 1. Before use must be fully mixing, maintain uniform ink composition; 2. Open after use to save the ink should be immediately sealed closed well, in case of dust falling and dry solid crust; 3. Residual ink such as containing impurities should first filter, along with new ink use; 4. Please avoid close to high temperature during storage or sun exposure. Under normal conditions can be stored for a year without metamorphism; 5. If discover the application of ink viscosity of larger, can add right amount of water.
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