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The attention of the cartons stored information in summer

by:WenJie     2020-09-21

summer, the weather changes too fast, hot and heavy rain will influence it's stored, so its deposit we should particularly keen, lest affect our normal use. Carton packing detail for you. Today we will follow a cardboard-box factory in shenzhen to get to know.

this is because the high temperature of summer for the quality of the carton itself has a certain influence, and many have a pattern on the carton box, in the sunlight is very easy to fade. Storage cartons, therefore, should avoid direct sunlight, to do a good job of the corresponding block. We don't suggest you put the cartons in the outdoor environment, had better choose is placed in a cool, ventilated warehouse, carton and away from the door and window. Summer often appear heavy rain weather, wet the most unfavorable factors is to store the cartons. Therefore, when stored shall ensure that the cartons away from water and damp environment, warehouse also need time to open the door window, to disperse the moist air. Rainy days notice shut doors and Windows, pay attention to the open window. In addition, the cartons must be properly stack height, do not pile up too high, so as not to affect the carton appearance.

and we need to place it in a comfortable environment in the environment, so that to prolong the life of the product, have very good effect, saving a lot of cost.

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