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The analysis of the causes of uneven hierarchy gravure printing

by:WenJie     2020-04-05

can be divided into the hierarchical printing unevenness of gradient layers printing not and shallow level uneven two kinds.

gradient layers is mainly because the printing unevenness in the process of plate making, no matter what choice carving process, is easy to produce and hide not open nodes level areas, while in the process of printing by adjusting the ink viscosity grades and can change the produce and the area, but can't avoid the happening of outlets and level. So the gradient level printing not divide evenly in the process of production is very difficult to control, in process by selecting the best as good carving process to reduce the level and the strange printing & packaging uneven phenomenon.

shallow printing not divide evenly is mainly caused by the following reasons:

a, is in the process of printing ink viscosity is too high, or solvent volatilization groups knife filamentous uneven caused by too fast.

2, is in the process of printing ink viscosity is too low, causing hierarchy version appeared in the process of the overlying prints hair flower caused by uneven uneven printing.

3, the plate cylinder is poorly made, with a burr, scraper scraping the uneven.

so for shallow layer can take the following measures to solve the printing unevenness: slow evaporation of the solvent, appropriate increase in slow dry solvents; Appropriate increase printing workshop temperature, lower the temperature of the printing workshop; Choose better quality printing ink and the plate cylinder.

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