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The advantages and disadvantages of silk screen printing

by:WenJie     2020-08-27

all in a lot of quick printing shop more or less seen screen printing the words, then what is the silk screen printing, before understanding the advantages and disadvantages of silk screen printing, small make up to say, the principle in the silk screen printing.

screen printing, also known as screen printing or screen printing, belong to the hole printing, is a very distinctive printing features and imaging process of printing technology. Due to the flexibility of silk screen printing and lack of flexibility and more design work even in the print paper for printing carrier by screen printing instead of offset printing, so that more vivid expression of creative design idea, some of the time, the choice is really a good idea.

screen printing equipment is simple, convenient operation, easy printing, plate making and low cost. Silk screen printing & packaging need to have the following elements: printing work station, screen printing screen printing, printing ink, scraper and printing carrier.

screen printing screen printing and offset printing plate making, printing screen mesh structure, orifice plate on the graphic part of the screen for the ink, rather than by part of the screen hole is plugged, through scraper extrusion press, the ink through the graphic on the part of the mesh is transferred to substrates, form is the same as the original graphic, through dry processing, can complete the screen printing process.

in four kinds of common types of printing, offset printing, embossed or gravure printing method based on planar materials as the main carrier, and the silk screen printing is better. So what are the advantages of silk screen printing?

first, silk screen printing can with paper as the carrier, can also with plastic products, metal, or leather products and other materials as substrates for printing, adaptation of a broader.

second offset printing, embossed or 4 is a kind of planar printing, printing and silk screen printing can be printed on the sphere, surface, and even bump, Fan Guozhi widely applied is out of many other ways of printing, silk screen printing has become designers use very common technique in print design.

in fundamental aspects of deep color paper for printing, screen printing advantage can not be replaced. This is because the silk screen printing ink, the ink layer thick, to offset printing ink layer thickness of 5 ~ 6 times, covering power is far better than other printing way. Surface texture than offset printing ink appear rich and bright. And offset printing on dark paper printing four color image, firstly, backing with white ink, printing four color again, regardless of efficiency and effectiveness are not as good as screen printing.

and, silk screen printing ink can be used a wide range of, is not restricted by oil or water, makes the screen printing have a wider use of space. Silkscreen printing format biggest can reach 300 cm and 400 cm, if production screen printing screen technology can obtain a bigger rise, make a bigger size of the print is not very difficult.

silkscreen printing scenes so widely, whether can replace other printing process, certainly not, silk screen printing is also has his shortcomings.

in the first place, in the quality of the printing, silk screen printing quality is not better than that of the offset printing, due to the use of screen printing screen and scraper operation ( Especially when manual operation) , you can't expect print excellent quality assurance, at the same time also need to prepare, because manual screen printing may appear a lot of waste and defective products.

the second. Mass production screen printing product relatively difficult, a few minutes to complete in the offset printing printing quality, probably need a multiple hours in screen printing.

third, four color overprint gradient image in the screen printing is not as comfortable as offset printing.

all in all, the screen printing as more easily with ordinary offset printing may be more appropriate, they complement each other in a special printing carrier or need different artistic effect, silk screen printing is a designer can try to apply the other option.

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