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Tea packaging color box custom - Sales promotion, brand promotion is the key to choose for packing

by:WenJie     2020-09-01
Since the epidemic prevention work stable gradually, the guangdong regional manufacturing in ruins. Now reopened rate has reached 99%, due to the emergency of new crown pneumonia outbreak this year, long period of stagnation, let the spring of 2020, also is very long. But all things grow, this year's fresh tea market also began.

about this year's fresh tea picking time to market, the impacts of climate disasters if no special circumstances, most attention should be on the mid to late April. For green tea prices this year, because of the price of brewed tea is affected by the fresh leaves of the day the price and the market environment, we can't make very precise prediction, but a lot of tea friends reflect a lot of agricultural and sideline products prices tumbled, not sell, plus earlier this year the economy is not very good, the price of tea will be affected by the epidemic there is a big drop in space. This is an unknown number.

in order to occupy the advantage in early tea market, so, need to prepare one step ahead of the others. About tea quality control, for our tea packing also requires considerable attention. Brand promotion and marketing depends on the packaging of our products. Sales of high and low is closely connected with our packing, because the customer to buy the dominant factor, we occupy the vast majority of the packing.

if you are a tea, you want to enter the market faster, better for brand promotion, improve sales, the packaging of the tea must need to have an accurate positioning, choose a good and powerful packaging enterprise as support, is the key to your run-off. industry more than 50 years of experience in food packaging, more than 30 professional team to bring you exclusive characteristic tea color box packaging, quickly out of the sample satisfied before mass production. We have brand paper source supply for a long time, strict confidentiality production all the way, fast delivery, let you do not have trouble back at home.

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