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Special paper in printing need to pay attention to?

by:WenJie     2020-08-29

because of the specialty paper on the material, structure and performance is different from the ordinary paper, also differ in terms of printing & packaging process. Need to pay attention to two aspects.

a, structural differences between the cause to the ink absorption ability

different categories of specialty paper due to the material and structure is different, some quality of a material soft, ink is easy to absorb and dry quickly, and some are hard, structure compact, ink is not easy to penetrate, print a longer drying time. Differences due to the ink absorption ability of specialty paper used directly relates to the quality of the printing quality and delivery time, so should pay special attention to: when choosing to use if printed delivery time is short, and choose the best without computer specialty paper printing, just as decorative page ascending pictorial effect, or only on paper, easy processing, such as hit convex, concave, hot stamping and other simple craft, won't print delivery time delay. Avoid by all means use when the time is not easy to dry metal paper categories, such as paper, the drying time is not enough, can not achieve actual effect, outsmart oneself instead. For easy to absorb ink, quality of a material soft specialty paper, should also pay attention to if the use of large-area field color, because when printing ink too fast absorption, surface color slants gray, partial light, serious and even white spots, also can't fulfill a wish. Therefore, before using the best play offset printing & packaging sample first, determine the correct before use.

2, different quality of a material of the differences between the surface roughness of the paper

because of the different paper material, especially technology, specialty paper of different thickness, hardness and softness is different also, some lines, watermark identification, etc. , the paper surface smoothness difference is very big. Paper slightly rough surface and the vein texture clear, feel is good, suggest the color printing or screen printing, and use fewer four-color printing, special paper, texture structure, show adequately characteristics to achieve the ideal effect, also can use some simple surface finishing techniques, such as hit convex, UV curing inks, hot stamping, etc. , can be the icing on the cake. This kind of computer printing paper, ink layer thick, color to be thick, visual effect is more attractive.

we common to most special paper is provided by the paper company of samples for plane or printing & packaging use art paper. In fact there are many different kinds of specialty paper, such as clean paper, oil absorption, aluminum foil paper, breathable, and even can be used for printing & packaging, such as semi conductive paper, electronic circuit board base plate paper, etc. No matter what a specialty paper, designers should follow the basic principle is the same, that is to design picture according to the different characteristics of paper and craft, only the perfect combination between each other, to make print play its due effect.

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