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Silk screen printing corrugated carton six big advantages

by:WenJie     2020-04-03
Corrugated carton directly offset printing technology abroad is mature, it is on the corrugated board directly to the special printing offset printing machine, suitable for processing thin corrugated carton. The process can not only ensure the cartons good formability, and can accomplish fine surface of paper printing, but adopted by the printing machine price is quite expensive. In the next few years, the process may be a high-grade cardboard box printing new development direction in China. Silk screen printing process using the corrugated carton is printed directly. Due to the silk screen version of the ink rate is proportional to the screen of the pitch, so screen printing is not high, the resolution of the image low accuracy, conventional add line number is 60 ~ 80 line/inch. Silk screen printing & packaging corrugated carton has the following advantages: (1) printing format but can small. (2) it can be finished before the framed boxes printing, also can be printed after the framed boxes. (3) silk screen printing the mose, its high color saturation, visual effect is strong, especially the color of the printing field, the effect is much better. (4) plate making easy, plate making cost is low. 5) printing cost is low. 6. quality is stable. The disadvantage of screen printing corrugated carton is not suitable for joint production lines, production efficiency is low.
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