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Silently for those hot sauce packaging color box manufacturers custom thumb up!

by:WenJie     2020-09-03

a certain brand chili sauce with recent penguin ring engage in a lawsuit, see this news, I couldn't help but silently search look in those years we eat chili sauce, ranging from those who see is rich and appetite of chili sauce package. And silently for those hot sauce color box manufacturers custom thumb up!

hot sauce packaging customization's really not easy. Should not only conform to the mainstream of exquisite printing & packaging, should be highlighted and seasoned with traditional flavor and creative culture. Aftertaste is hard-won, and food. Then a spicy sauce quality printing & packaging & packaging is how to pack the goods?

generally do the merchants of food production, if you do not understand the packing, so you need to understand and consulting professionals, to search the Internet is a good way to study related knowledge, then they need to find their own product design and packaging printing & packaging company, here need is cleaning your product information, such as my chili sauce is how many grams of bottle/box, box design size, type, material, etc. , need to be on the box reflect what content need, also is to have your company introduction and product pictures, and so on, can not understand and clear color box custom manufacturer communication, which helps designers tailored exclusive packaging for you.

after good packaging design is offer, followed by proofing confirmed, the samples need to check the trial, found the problem in time and adjust the changes. Behind is the mass production. If want to well in a short period of time to complete this process, so suggest you to confirm with color box custom factory site will be save time.

as a cantonese, we also have love spicy person, whether it's the secret of chili sauce, beef, chili sauce, black bean sauce, mushroom sauce, sichuan spicy, spicy, spicy devil, no hot unhappy you must pay attention to food packaging & ndash; Sauce color box custom manufacturers. We converted to various food packaging customization service, high quality corrugated box color box of custom printing & packaging sold as low as 1 yuan.

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