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Shenzhen why carton collapse

by:WenJie     2020-09-22

shenzhen cardboard-box factory products can be used in many industries, but in the process of using the product is easy to collapse, what cause this phenomenon is, now it's time to look at?

we actually in use process, be sure to check glue manufacturing materials, and because the efficacy of base paper surface water indicators. If the difference of base paper surface sizing, water imbibition is on the high side, it is easy to hand cold storage at low temperature, damp environment influence, cause the carton resurgence, tender, compressive strength reduce. Secondly also need to make sure that the bonding strength is in the corrugated paper and paper, paper surface bonding strength. If one thousand in cardboard boxes false sticky, after compression, surface will be separated from corrugated paper or in the paper, then the cartons compressive strength will plummet.

note paste box machine paste gap pressure cannot be too small, double-sided machine, die-cutting machine pressure to control the sun wheel clearance within a reasonable range, in order to avoid the corrugated crushing, affect the cardboard carton compressive strength.

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