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Shenzhen printing - — Adhere to the green development

by:WenJie     2020-09-03

shenzhen printing packaging material has been praised by the industry focus on environmental protection, from the economic development and social progress, environmental problem is increasingly outstanding, advocate environmental protection from the very beginning, to now, people realize and gradually expand the green healthy lifestyle. We have already started to change from the action greening our living environment. has always insisted on the green road to development.

according to its own printing & packaging packaging production as the foundation, to upgrade its own production and management system. Is now a basic implementation green printing development way. factory in shenzhen in 2014 moved to shenzhen from choose environmental protection printing & packaging materials, matching green pollution-free ink printing & packaging, packing with paper lining and auxiliary materials such as material, in order to achieve in the packaging strength and seismic performance is good, we start from the board manufacturing quality control, from the flaws of the offset paper material packaging design. Autonomous production of corrugated board can be equal to other manufacturer 250 g, 200 g corrugated board. In the industry quality no less, so to speak. color box packaging color box on the same price the quality of the product is better than 20% upwards.

insist on green development path, through the continuous improvement of environmental management, the overall environmental quality management level, have been through the ISO14001 international certification, the FSC/COC, etc, the printing plant in shenzhen main production packaging color box, packing boxes, packaging boxes and other products, has won home appliances, digital 3 c, logistics, transport, food, fresh agricultural products, toys, daily necessities such as tens of thousands of customers approval. In addition we also configure advanced digital printing equipment, and provide business catalog page, flyers, advertising bag, the calligraphy and painting and other services, is currently actively carry out 3 d printing & packaging business. In the production and operation of the future, will unswervingly take the path of green, low-carbon sustainable development, a: doing my best for our country's environmental protection cause.

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