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Shenzhen cartons have what characteristic

by:WenJie     2020-09-14

not all printing & packaging carton as beautiful, more not all beautiful printing & packaging & packaging is fine, why shenzhen cardboard-box factory products are so popular, and it has the advantage of this is inseparable, we can simply look at the characteristics of it.

the first is due to the excellent shenzhen carton colour effect, any pattern can meet the design requirements; Moreover carton the greater stare blankly type - shenzhen C and itself has a certain supporting capacity. Used in food, beverage, And shenzhen carton using ink printing, environmental protection, low carbon, production efficiency, is the world packing trend; The printing has certain limitations, but use C more and have a certain support, to be able to do general road transport, cost a little lower than color offset printing & packaging.

use carton packing your products provided by the cardboard-box factory in shenzhen, can achieve the effect of delicate, beautiful and dignified, here in shenzhen a cardboard-box factory sincerely welcome new and old customers to negotiate business.

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