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Shenzhen carton packaging collapse problem analysis

by:WenJie     2020-09-12

with the improvement of people's living standard, the use of carton is gradually entered people's life, people are no packaging carton, carton use has gradually entered the public's field of vision, the widely used time will let us find shenzhen carton printing & packaging & packaging collapse problems encountered, we are now following cardboard-box factory in shenzhen to look at?

in the production of the carton need to control well at the internal moisture content: the moisture content of paper should not be too high, we all know that water content is too low will influence the hardness of the products, will affect to the corner of the carton after molding position. Bigger carton paper adhesive used by degrees, the strength of the adhesive is corrugated paper and paper between the adhesive force, the quality is not enough, after the coated with rubber, carton, does the glue phenomenon, in turn, will cause the cartons compressive ability to drop, which will make the cartons are collapsing.

in production need to properly use waterproof light oil, and pour water, which can get rid of the surface of the waterproof moisture-proof problem.

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