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Shenzhen carton design with what software

by:WenJie     2020-09-10

shenzhen cardboard-box factory in shenzhen, design the cartons, there are a lot of, can choose the design of the software package do you usually do in 3 d, commonly used software or autocad and other projects, three-dimensional software, but also has other software, as long as can realize precise drawing.

the most commonly used is box type library, that is to say, in the software database contains all the packing box in the shape of a database and the commonly used design specifications, can obtain convenient, also reflect the packaging structure design software to the understanding of all kinds of packing with hug me mark; And carton CAD design, which is on the surface of the box design, this principle is very important, it includes the designer's creative need to use a variety of professional drawing tool to complete. Especially in the box type library can't find what you want to style, can draw on its own.

and box type 3 d proofing, the packing box in before we see need to compare a variety of design, and check whether their lock design of packing box can meet user requirements, printing & packaging & packaging design software with box type 3 d proofing function can be better to provide users with different design effect.

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