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Shenzhen cardboard-box factory to tell you the reason of the carton does winter glue

by:WenJie     2020-09-13
Shenzhen cardboard-box factory production carton is used for printing & packaging of food and other products printing & packaging & packaging container, can be either decoration products enhance the company image, and can protect products from being damaged. Carton in cold winter does appear glue phenomenon, today by shenzhen cardboard-box factory does tell us the carton glue! Cartons are does appear glue phenomenon, mainly because some adhesive of low temperature resistant performance is not good, below 5 ℃, the surface of the adhesive will lose activity, and led to the decrease of the sticky relay or disappear; In hot summer, taped the cartons in the warehouse or transportation trunk also can appear bounce off degumming, this is mainly because of this kind of adhesive high temperature resistant performance is not good, at 50 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ temperatures of the sub tender, strength decreases, resulting in packing box come unglued. And, at the beginning of the taped cardboard boxes, generally for half a month time bonding effect is very good, but with the extension of time, the packing box degumming phenomenon will appear, we will pay more attention in the process of use.
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