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Shenzhen cardboard-box factory carton packaging machinery technical characteristics

by:WenJie     2020-09-17

shenzhen cardboard-box factory is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of packing carton, carton is the most widely used printing & packaging & packaging products in shenzhen. Today is mainly composed of cardboard-box factory in shenzhen to introduce shenzhen carton printing & packaging machinery technical characteristics.

adopts vertical storage board method, and can be added at any time, do not need to stop; Suitable for printing & packaging & packaging using the same time the same carton size, if you want to change the carton specifications, manually adjust the use; The machine adopts reasonable design, suction box, molding and back cover all automatic processing entity; Process of parts precision and durable performance, no vibration, stable operation life is long; The machine adopts PLC + HMI screen control, high performance, high speed and high efficiency.

on both ends of the carton packing tape Angle length can be customized according to different requirements; Can be stand-alone operations, and also can be used with automatic packaging line.

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