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Shenzhen boxes piled up in the way

by:WenJie     2020-09-21

shenzhen cardboard-box factory manufacturing products is one of the material we often use, the use of the benefits do the Chinese need to be aware of what is, now it's time to carefully look at, right?

carton compressive strength decreases over time, this phenomenon is called the fatigue phenomenon. Test shows that under the load of a long period of time, as long as after a month of time, carton compressive strength will fall 30%, a year later, its compressive strength was only about 50% of the initial value. In the design of carton material, with a long cycle time of carton should improve its safety factor. Carton stacking method also has certain influence for the cartons compressive strength. Carton axial stress significantly higher than the horizontal hole direction, piling box axial compression shall be maintained. From the experimental results, the pressure in the cabinet in the corner position, lower bearing pressure Angle of the far distance.

because of manufacturing to material is paper, in order to ensure the quality of the products, we need to pay attention to place it in a comfortable environment, can rise to prolong the life of the product, bring us great benefits.

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