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Several methods of repairing the cartons

by:WenJie     2020-09-21

we know shenzhen cardboard-box factory products occupies an important position in our life, it has what nature does, today let's learn about the.

we can use soft cloth to sew a box shape, set on the tissue paper bag or directly into shape rules of cardboard inside, can use. With falbala design and color box look more gentle and lovely and moving, red flowers and green grass phase contrast to make your room is spring all the year round. Sachets are doing is very delicate, and it contains a kind of classic beauty, to make the room more elegant, try to find a larger sachets the small carton into the middle again cut crossing, sachets carton was finished, this method is simple enough, but the role of thy neck room is not small.

circular cylinder repair method is most convenient, with your intention, pick your favorite piece of pink floral silk around a circle, with tools, and then at the top to make a knot, a elegant modelling came out, the pure white vase on both sides of the collocation, make your room also elegant.

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