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Several factors affecting the color is introduced when the color printing

by:WenJie     2020-04-12
Color printing & packaging is different from common printed in the change of color, people pay special attention when dealing with color printing factors affecting color, small make up to introduce the points: first, the paper color printing, we use the whiteness of the paper if whiteness of 100% of total reflection, a brush and we should pay attention to the size of the paper when the same series products, the color must be consistent. Second, the influence of environmental colour environment has great influence to distinguish colors, it will let us create the illusion of color. At the same time, in the field of sample proofing and printing & packaging color piece, can make it tied together, and to eliminate the influence of environmental colour, so as to avoid color deviation caused by visual. Three, the absorbency of paper and mark the relationship between ink layer for each kind of paper and ink absorption is different, we should choose different ink department according to the different paper. When using poor quality, the structure is loose, rough surface of the paper, in order to avoid the inky error may occur when the signed samples, printing sample can be placed some time, after being dry, then determine the degree of coloring.
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