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Seven common in offset printing and practical small problem solution

by:WenJie     2020-03-31
1. Prevent ink from the ink barrels crust ink storage after a period of time, after open the surface skin tend to knot a stiff layer of ink, must be removed away. Accumulate over a long period, the amount of ink waste is considerable. We adopt contractility wrapping paper cover on the ink with the ink surface close to the seal. So that they don't not contact with air oxidation crust waste. If time is short, more simple and convenient method is water inside the ink barrels, principle as well as to prevent the ink crust contact with air and cause waste. 2. Come on tips for printing the operator had had such experience, after equipment maintenance, often easy to occur as a result of improper go too much or go print sticky oil, sticky dirty production failure, some places due to | machine design, conventional go hard to reach or go does not reach the designated position; Sewing machine oil can give braces can be used to this, pin uranium, oil injection hole, for paper machine parts, this method can guarantee the oil Di: lN a spill and will not happen because of too much oil leak cause waste, dripping on the printing quality, convenient and economical. For printing press wall inside or the machine is difficult to reach below and refuelling, 8 hold slender wire or other objects are available, and in the end after the bag on the sponge dipped in a moderate amount of lubricating oil, into the printing machine parts to arrive, and where the lubricating oil. 3. Large area field tips printing workers have such experience: printing large field often print ink layer is not full, shades, stick sticky dirty, paper, rubber, printing quality has a white spot, ink paper skin, hair, etc. Seriously affect the print quality and time limit for a project. We generally estimated print the total amount of ink, ink groove in a add enough as far as possible, adding appropriate to adhesive ink, drying oil increase liquidity ink, avoid the midway add ink viscosity is differ, the size does not cause the ink ink two-tone, before printing & packaging, use of clean cotton cloth to wipe gently with glycerin paper heap of four edges of paper wool, confetti, and then put in paper machine to print. After wiping paper will not affect the field with impurity of print quality. machine speed of 60 - as usual 70% of uniform printing, can guarantee the printing ink can normal delivery. Print ink, in eye of a needle and white plate parts field sometimes appear in this case, only need to apply a suitable amount of oil on the fingers, inunction plate needle eye, can guarantee the normal printing. 4. Using waste page to reduce car wash, wash rubber cover version of the time on the paper feed table placed before the paper stack, 20 pages waste is put first, and then formally put printing & packaging paper, when a printed the start page to waste, will press ink roll off, water roll down, still all the waste pages printed out. These waste pp can to take away the ink on the plate and rubber. So, cleaning the rubber is much simpler, the plane plate, can be directly without the solvent to wipe brush glue confirmed version. To improve the productivity. 5. Using the recorded version margin offset printing PS version has entirely blank edge, can make full use of these blank parts, get everything about living a data record. With a piece of tape, record the live parts number, date, ink color. Pendulum method ( Positive and negative printing, since pirated, reproduced) , color series, print related data, and then the tape paste printing plate margin. Print the crew can be clear at a glance operated according to the records and to avoid any mistakes. 6. Rubber cloth the use of the machine is used to prepare two sets of rubber cloth, printing time, ease according to live a long, flat screen version, text version using alternate back and forth, to request higher, more refined products, with the new rubber seal, literal version with old rubber, unloaded rubber with rubber detergent to wash clean after hang up, improve the service life. A year can save a lot of rubber cloth. 7. Overnight on the ink roller ink processing generally offset printing ink roller if the downtime is more than 4 hours, it must be clean, otherwise the ink solidification, damage to the crust, the ink roller transfer ink, distributing, but sometimes due to special reasons, such as power outages, machine bad, such as not washing in time, and print live parts, can be on the top of the machine and on the transverse plane drops of ink roll some rubber or ink roller cleaning agent, and then start the machine to make it 2 - operation 3 minutes, the ink on relaxation lighter, lose the ink Jii N pages, ink printed products clean and consistent.
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