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Screen printing screen printing industry downturn personalized into a breakthrough

by:WenJie     2020-04-03
Screen printing industry development up to now has been two thousand years of history, screen printing a batch big, the price is cheap, colorful, long shelf life, quick delivery advantages, has been more and more industry recognition, and widely used. Screen printing industry has a close relationship with our life, carefully observe everything around is cannot leave the screen printing, threads used here may be the most appropriate. Since 2012, however, silk screen printing industry has been in the market downturn, many businesses have closed down, a lot of people can not help but lost: where is the future of the entire screen printing industry? Future will always be held in his hand, the emergence of new technology make the silk screen printing is a great deal of impact, went up from the perspective of sustainable utilization of resources, should give up some of the more traditional screen printing industry market, it is inevitable trend for the future development of each industry, we should not have any regrets. Silk screen printing application range is very wide. In addition to the water and air, every object can be used as substrates. When someone evaluation screen printing has said: if you want to find an ideal way of printing on earth, achieve printing, that are likely to be screen printing method. , silk screen printing not only adapt to regular paper and wide adaptability. For example: ceramics, glass, printed circuit board, etc. Depending on the quality of a material of substrates, printing is not the same, although each series has close inner link between, but due to the printing material is different, each has its own particularity. So often people according to different substrates are divided into: paper printing, plastic, glass, ceramic printing printing printing, circuit board printing, metal, printing, textile printing, such as several major categories. Thus formed their own relatively independent system of printing. Silk screen printing circuit board can be used in household appliances, textiles, the pattern of the patterns in a T-shirt, t-shirts, shoes, refrigerators, television sets, washing machines on the front panel of text, on the floor tile of wall of pottery and porcelain, glass, decoration; Like a various commercial electrical appliances, printing & packaging, such as outdoor, fixed, mobile advertising platform; In the packaging decoration industry first high-grade packaging printing, packing, cigarette packs, wine package, especially the very large printing & packaging and product appearance decoration & ndash; — Screen printing abnormal widely applied, is closely linked with our life, its technology is controlled by a great number of printers and and small personalized silk screen printing technology to teach at home are few, broad market anomalies! Accompanied by CTP, digital screen printing and other new technology and the emergence of new management way of silk screen printing and constantly improving, they are already described to us a brand new screen printing in the future, complex, need more work coordination with longer time to prepare to complete the screen printing or printing business becomes simply and quickly, in the near future, we can directly to the silk screen printing & packaging all personal customization and modify the personalized printing services at any time.
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