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Rubber sheet printing and packaging industry what are the common terms

by:WenJie     2020-08-27

film ( Also known as the film)

film is in English & other; 电影《 The direct transliteration, process and output commonly known as the center of film, is actually a transparent film. Have one side of the film, to pay attention to protect the surface, in order to avoid scratches, and on the other side not release. it. Print film is divided into four color ( CMYK) And the color, four color film fold up into a full color image, and the color film to make the black version, usually for printing PS version of the supplier's process.

PS version

PS version is in English & other; Presensitized抵消盘子” Is short for professional term & other; Precoating offset printing plate & throughout; , PS version

with high resolution, like force, branches represent the full, rich color level, ink balance is easy to grasp, resistant to high seal force etc. Graphic designer for & other; Film & throughout; Used for offset printing, familiar, film was produced as the main basis of PS version, this process is called & other; Print & throughout; , use PS version of offset printing with water, drying system good PS plate by part above the blank part 3 mu m or so, so this kind of plate, also known as flat relief.

CTP technology

CTP is the end of the 20th century has gradually developed a kind of new technology, CTP is in English & other; 电脑板” ( Computer direct plate making) The abbreviations. In simple terms, CTP technology without the traditional film, plate making, such as program achieved from computer direct plate making printing, CTP technology is also need to make plate, but it is easier to get the plate. Production of printing technology directly from a computer file, plate is divided into light and thermal, adopt more current commercial printing & packaging field is thermal printing technology. At home, use the CTP technology has been more common, as the technology and equipment and consumables market matures, the technology will be more widely applied in the future.


refers to the superposition of two or more color printing, also referred to as stamping, is a designer or output center during the processing of image must pay attention to the problem. For example, in order to avoid the color ( Gold or silver) Graphics on the full version of the black colour slants dark problem, can be printed color graphics, first dieyin the full version of the black again. At this moment, need to be in the black version of the graphic part of the hollow out, and appropriately increase the graphics version to avoid the impression there was a thief. The actual operation, designers often with packaging company, such as small make up company plant communication for many times.

the full version of

, also known as the field or the full bottom refers to the content is full of the whole layout, leave no white edge all round, full version of the design page in addition to obey the rules size design rules, all around to reserved for finished product of edge cutting images of overflow, is & other; Bleeding & throughout; , usually 3 mm per side. When printing the finished cutting off & other; After bleeding part, is what we want the full version of the page.


four color or multicolor printing, the printing machine according to the set printing CMYK all individually, which requires four color or the color plate to alignment, such a process called overprint, is printing supplier technical operations category. Misregister, color crisscross are likely to show up and down the paper primary colors, are also likely to show the lower background, used to call & other; The thief & throughout; Form, colour or image and text fuzzy, defective goods or products.


also called & other; Bare white & throughout; Designers, mainly in order to prevent misregister and a technical design manuscript processing method. Avoid to cause between two adjacent different qualitative color & other; The thief & throughout; , trap is to make two color piece be safety after cohesion in mutual penetration, so you can prevent may occur in the process of printing caused by overprint slight deviation when the thief.

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