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Rotogravure dirty version in the cause of the problem and solution

by:WenJie     2020-04-18
Resin is affinity for chrome surface of roller. Resin and organic solvent system in supersaturated state, there are a large number of resin precipitation, not dissolved by the solvent. Strong ink surface wettability of chromium, or ink used in the solvent for the slow drying solvents. Bad blade wear or grinding.

due to the large number of resin precipitation coalescence together, and resin on the affinity of roller, under the squeegee pressure, resin will be cut in the roller tightly, this is the main reason of the dirty version. We know that the solvent has can dissolve resin or additives and additives, make it easy to paint, resin dispersed, reduce the coupling degree, help drum, and so on. Using dissolving ability strong, volatile solvents. Such as solvent can use the following formula:

toluene, acetic acid ethyl ester = 1:1 or

toluene, acetic acid ethyl ester, ethyl ketone = 4:3:3

the ratio of volume, appropriate can be made according to production conditions, and other quality requirements change. Sometimes need to add the right amount of isopropyl alcohol to improve gloss and giving a good flow property. Control the ink viscosity, according to practical experience, such as using zahn 3 cups to measure, generally between 12 ~ 16 s s, resin dissolved more fully and evenly dispersed, which can make the ink in the ideal state. In the process of production, need to on the losses of various kinds of solvents use lean degree controller or artificial timely supplement solvent, maintain the stability of the viscosity, to ensure the ideal state of the ink. Can choose slightly rigid blade, soft blade scraping effect is not ideal, hard drum of the blade is easy to damage, or put people scraping blade and the plate distance shorter ( Usually between 3 mm to 5 mm) 。 And oil storage is blunt, grinding flat blade, metallographic 2 # sand can be used again.

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