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Rolls and since the introduction of prepress puzzle mode

by:WenJie     2020-04-08
After completion of the prepress design, puzzle is a important part of the prepress technology. In order to save the printing cost, need according to different ways of printing machine adopt different puzzle puzzle means has two kinds, one is roll, one is the turn. Rolls is a plate on both sides of the paper printing, after printing & packaging a, flip and rotate 180 degrees, then print the second side. Print the second surface, paper where the mouth direction change. After the completion of the printing & packaging are available to cut down the middle two copies of printed products. The roll methods as shown. Since the turn is to point to a plate on the two sides printing paper, but paper turn method is a routine method, where the mouth is constant. Its own methods as shown. In short no matter what kind of method, remember, barns for barns, ground-to-ground, not confused.
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