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Restricting the waterless printing some key technical analysis

by:WenJie     2020-04-04
Although the waterless offset printing technology in the development, but its development speed is far from expected so fast, the main reason is that some of the key technology has not yet been solved, such as plate, printing & packaging ink, temperature control, etc. 1. Version of the material. Is printing plate production, the main material, a direct impact on the cost of production. Plate is the core of the waterless offset printing, waterless offset printing plate is different from the PS version, its surface is similar to the gravure, is close to the ink image reproducibility is good, bright colors, print quality is good wait for an advantage, but the difficulty in processing, and resistance force is subject to the operating environment. 2. Waterless offset printing ink. Waterless offset printing and offset printing ink used in the water on the choice of pigment is no different. They are the main difference is in the ink resin that is used in the connection part. Because of the characteristic of the waterless offset printing, it is used in the printing ink and water compared to offset printing ink has the following some special properties. ( 1) There needs to be higher than water offset printing ink viscosity and viscosity, is it possible to provide such large ink cohesion is greater than the forces between ink and silicone rubber layer, just can make silicone rubber layer characterized by oleophobic property, make it play the role of the water in the water to offset printing & packaging. ( 2) Must adapt the waterless offset printing special rheological properties. Because the waterless offset printing ink with high viscosity, so it is in the ink flow between roller and plate will become more difficult, which requires the ink to have better rheological properties. ( 3) Owing to the special influence of temperature in the waterless offset printing, so the waterless offset printing ink had better have a relatively wide suitable temperature range. 3. The temperature control system of offset printing. Waterless offset printing system is another important part of the temperature control system of it, this also is it water and offset printing on the mechanical structure of one of the most significant difference between the two. In offset printing with water, in addition to the balance of ink, education version fluid is another important role is can take away due to the plate, friction and the heat generated by the high speed rotating plate can remain in a relatively stable, fit within the temperature range of ink transfer. Because there is no use in waterless offset printing & packaging water, so you need to use a temperature control system to maintain a suitable temperature range of ink transfer. Waterless offset heat mainly from two aspects: one is the plate cylinder, rubber roller and embossing roller friction between the role; 2 it is because of the characteristic of the waterless offset printing ink, high viscosity, and make the ink roller and ink roller in the process of ink transfer between the heat generated due to friction. This heat if not in time to eliminate, will make plate, the temperature of the inking roller has risen sharply, and greatly change the rheological properties of ink and viscosity, lead to unstable situation, and thus unable to complete the normal transfer ink.
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