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Provide information of the corrugated box color box production is not difficult

by:WenJie     2020-09-06

color box color box production need for factories, according to a production plan or the production planning. Production completely in accordance with the document content, is our color box color box customization of a rule. The purpose is in order to finish the customer quality custom target. Therefore, under this premise, also need customer cooperate with us to complete the proposal. So what are the main content here? Which parameters and data is to be the customer provide their own?

customers according to the situation can be divided into the following kinds: 1. For customized client, there will be a color box color box drawing or sample. If according to sample or drawing production, so our staff will check and fill in the related parameters to the sample or drawing, if have not clear or need customer with confirm item, will communicate with the customer to confirm again after planning. 2. If there is no pattern, it is necessary to design services, you can communicate with designer, designer will help you solve. 3. If you already have a detailed product information, a knife diagram, material qualitative, box type, size, surface process requirement, etc. , so can give you production plan directly. You can choose proofing confirmed that can be directly according to the sample plan to perform batch samples OK color box color box production.

color box color box production have been made in bulk, lots of small amount for technology and production processes, the difference is not big. equipment choice, if your product needs a special process, with the specified device to complete, so you should know before cooperation manufacturer whether to have this kind of equipment. has 100 + import equipment, to undertake the business scope is larger, the color box color box printing & packaging & packaging on the market basically can custom production.

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