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Provide an overview of the main printing equipment directly offset printing corrugated board

by:WenJie     2020-04-13

color carton in recent years the rapid development of the personage inside course of study is obvious to all, corrugated board directly offset printing & packaging with the successful development of a variety of technology and mature, for this potential market, the domestic and foreign famous offset press suitable for corrugated paper manufacturers have developed directly offset printing equipment. A few introduce below will give you more attention on the market a few equipment:

1) global group offset press: Chma Print exhibition 2005 global group company's operating personnel on global group 105 press in 157 grams of coated paper first has carried on the fine products of printing, then the scene will be completed substrates with cardboard converting from paper to different specifications board printing, the last G type corrugated board ( Thickness of 1 ml f1) The direct printing perfect printing quality can be use to describe.

are perfect printing quality of corrugated cardboard corrugated board directly offset printing technology strong evidence of maturity. 2 mm on the corrugated cardboard printing capabilities. Global group company of large-format offset press & ndash; — These can be directly printed G large-format offset press, E, F type corrugated board. At present global group of buying large format printing machine is mainly used in packaging and printing, such as shenzhen vander-waalsforces packaging trading company purchase of global group, of 162 a is in order to be able to provide customers with high-end exquisite large size color packing boxes and corrugated carton.

2. Roland printing presses, Roland printing machine has been in a leading position in the field of packaging and printing, the existing models from large to small and medium-sized wide wide can direct printing on corrugated board. Roland 500, 700, can be directly printed thickness of 1. Omm corrugated cardboard, and Roland 900 series printer can be directly printing thickness of 1. 2 mm F type corrugated board. In the first half of this year, suzhou east instrument printing & packaging printing co. , LTD. , the introduction of Asia's first super wide offset printing equipment & ndash; — Mann & middot; Roland 900 XXL ( The biggest printing format for 1300 m ㎡ x1850ram) , the device can be directly in the G and F printing on the corrugated paper.

3. Heidelberg printing presses, Heidelberg CD series offset press is designed for printing & packaging and printing tailored models, CD74 can directly print the maximum thickness of 0. 8 mm corrugated paper, CD102, can be directly printed 1. 0 mm corrugated paper. In Drupa2004 exhibition debut XL105 and printing & packaging printing plant provides a new choice, the equipment can be directly printed 1 the thickest. Omm corrugated paper. @ J models designed & ndash; — DIAM0ND3000Lc thickness of 0. Printed directly on 8 mm corrugated board. It is also can reach 1 DIAMOND3000LXEp ~ J thickness. 0mm。 Akiyama printing machine also has a certain ability to cardboard printing it on the BT series offset press matching of thick paper printing accessories can be 0. 8 mm corrugated board.

5. Northerners offset press: northerners in the last two years also developed some products suitable for packaging printing equipment, also done timely follow up on the surface of the sharp. Northerners 800 adopted The Times diameter cylinder, more suitable for cardboard printing can also be in thickness of 0. 6 mm printing directly on the micro corrugated board.

corrugated carton color printing & packaging is a inevitable trend of the development of offset printing itself characteristics and excellent quality to meet the quality requirements of the development of the corrugated carton printing. Offset printing direct printing corrugated board is now occupy a certain market share, with the improvement of carton printing quality requirements, offset printing direct printing corrugated board has a growing trend. But that doesn't mean direct offset printing color printing & packaging corrugated carton corrugated board will rule the future of the market, the new process and will be in the rise and development of the traditional process for a long period of time, mutual complement each other.

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