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Protective masks nagorno-karabakh, stain - portable use packaging

by:WenJie     2020-09-01
Is not in accordance with our regular surgical masks to use reusable, respirators are in the same way, but in fact, special for the average person, mask is generally out of stock now. If no fever or other symptoms, such as a runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, etc. , can be repeated use, repetitions, shall not exceed 5 times. But we still want to emphasize, repeat use a risk! In most areas are out of stock of the situation, how can we more health reuse mask? Currently we buy most of the masks are multiple boxes or bags, therefore, after the distribution of face mask, if you do not use, or take out after a period of time will pick up after the pollution caused by bacteria. If you use a respirator masks had on the pests ( Such as bacteria, etc. ) , repeated use of masks do not pay attention to clean, not only can't protection pests, infected by pests. This will affect our health. Then a short period of time after the masks worn how to store? After opening the package of unused mask how to keep health? This is a very worthy of our thought. Many netizens suggested respirator in a dry place after harvesting, or on a clean seal bag. Unused mask stored away from light, dry and ventilated environment, away from the fire source and pollutants. based on the requirements of customers, design a single mask packaging, use white cardboard monochrome printing & packaging and protective mask nagorno-karabakh. This mask temporary protection nagorno-karabakh bag, contact mask part of the inner surface is smooth, no design health stain. Especially when have dinner, lunch break, beauty, smoking can receive more convenient we carry.

a single mask packing design, reduce the bacterial infection, can better keep the mask use of health. Also provide more PCS packing, as well as large quantities of used plant enterprise office workers provide boxed the removable design, reduce pollution when using possibility.

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