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Product packaging design (shenzhen) co. , LTD. Which is good?

by:WenJie     2020-08-29

if you have any understanding of the local printing & packaging company, you may find there are quite a part of the enterprise to do packing type is single, I may only do paper packaging, for example, or is a production of plastic packaging. In the face of the customer is relatively less, some companies are simply do one or a few orders from clients, design and production is more onefold, because of the existing cooperation customers walk quantity is big, seldom to go out to undertake more customer orders, this kind of situation is very common in the packaging and printing market. So, want to find a professional product printing & packaging design, have to find experienced manufacturers, product printing & packaging design (shenzhen) co. , LTD. Which is good? Also have a special design team support. But the problem again, generally take their design team production enterprise scale is not small, generally small batch order is not even boot cost, let alone a long-term cooperation. For this situation, some manufacturers in order to achieve the cooperation, so certainly will will improve the unit price in order to survive on cost accounting profit space. However, there are some manufacturers offer is not high but will save on select material and production process in order to achieve cooperation. Either way, it may not be what we want the ideal state, if we product packaging needs to reach the purpose of production, there are bound to many difficulties.

which strength product packaging design (shenzhen) co. , LTD. ? integrity management to obtain the recognition of customers, if you are a small boutique gift box packaging customer orders, our cost accounting generally higher than the market, the main reason is that our packaging and printing the default to the customer to choose our factory high quality material to make paper, unless special requirements, our products are mainly page printing. So color, precision, color difference are far better than the peers. Of course, if your price is too high, it is very difficult to accept because it is over, we also have professional designers and business docking to communicate with you, in a reasonable under the premise of guarantee the quality of packaging design for you a better solution.

at present the company's main small orders also have to undertake, main types of corrugated paper products suit products, express the cartons, the plane box, carton, one-time molding box, etc. Needs no surface printing & packaging or printing monochrome products unit price is preferential. At present, the company has set up a taobao shop ali order online transactions, you only need to select the right product in the shops can purchase, payment after 3 - factory Within 7 days of delivery. Shenzhen high product packaging design on customer online consulting our customer service staff know.

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