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Product packaging design is a very meticulous work

by:WenJie     2020-09-05

product packaging design is a very careful to live! Why do you say that? From the point of view of our production, first of all on the confirmed drawings and process is the need to clear and detailed list production each link of the materials and production steps. As long as it is a movement error, so probably will cause our products appear larger error. Clear difference such as color, size error is big, or other problems.

different products own characteristics is different also, although is the same type of product, the design of different producers also have difference, so product packaging is according to the designers, professional design can fully embody the characteristics of the product. is the important link. Product packaging design details determine product quality. Although more exquisite printing & packaging design drawing, if you can't use in actual production and produce a finished product, it is not reasonable design. The carton packaging is better than other products if it is unqualified to secondary repair, once the carton printing & packaging & packaging products printing & packaging yield is unqualified, is discarded. In addition to sell to recycling, we almost did not sell.

so the print quality is very important, this is the product directly to consumers in a impression, don't produce big color difference. Arrange the necessary quality inspection is each of us must do. In addition to avoid adverse product too much in the process of printing, our qc inspector to guarantee in the process of packing box molding, seal surface is not scratch, dirty, it will affect the simple sense of the whole package. A good package from design, printing & packaging, laminating, making the entire process all carelessness, all of the production process are interlinked, product packaging design every link can make mistakes.

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