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Product packaging design how to do human experiences?

by:WenJie     2020-08-28
Weekend is snacks and pored over time, drama/chat/leisure party such as enhance friendship cannot little. But some snacks packaging status will let you & other Just swallow & throughout; 。 For example:

& other; As swathes of I good difficult! ”

of course, & product box in the lives of other Wonderful work & throughout; Design is not a few, a lot of net friend is the use of Shared their experience with us, for example: online a little sister to share such a thing. She recently on a business trip, but had a little situation of emergency. Need to cut eyebrow, therefore, nearby in the shop to buy a pair of, after the buy back to the hotel, ready to use, was dumbfounded. All plastic seal, clean health is achieved, but is hard to open with his hands, and if there is no other tool, can only be bao force & other; Disassembling & throughout; 。 True love, so don't humanized packaging, really let a person feel helpless. As engaged in packaging and printing industry, so how do we do the humanized packaging?

the ideal human nature printing & packaging design, can according to the consumer at the same time in the beautiful living habits, operation habit, it's convenient, consumers can not only meet the functional demands, and can meet the psychological needs. From these two aspects as the starting point, the product packaging designer may, by way of scene into the mentality of a consumer to understand from the encounter with the products to carry, from tearing down to discard the entire process, to think about how the real human into the packaging design.

for example 1 & ndash; Information is easy to identify

product basic information should be easy to identify, this is especially applicable to common daily necessities in life. Consumers should be quick and easy way to understand what to product, what is the function. Like origin, type, date of production, and so on the consumer to understand the information should be prominent eye-catching, convenient and easy to find, and not only by opening the package, see to understand product. A food packaging important information in black ink jet printing & packaging in the black area, this is not what is fate?

for example 2: & ndash; Operation process to understand:

operation process is clear and easy to understand. Especially some novel and special product design modelling, multi-purpose transformation or series of products, may require a simple specification is made by packing, so we can let the consumer to master the use of the product as soon as possible. New product packaging, for example, take out stitches to tear down instructions and design.

for example 3 & ndash; Packing portable, easy to open and close:

when carries on the product printing & packaging & packaging design should consider product convenient to carry, can be implemented by the product itself, also can be implemented by packaging. After buying flowers, for example, if there is carrying a box instead of holding all the way. At the time of packaging should put yourself in the for consumers to consider using details, such as packaging, how to fast and convenient the product packaged; Open, how not to use other tools easily open, now a lot of packing design into a swan, is considered.

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