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Problems which will affect the printing quality paper material?

by:WenJie     2020-03-28

the paper as a print, the nature of itself, the performance of the ink, printing & packaging graphic density and so on, are affecting the quality of printing.

1, bearing the

in the calender of paper machine, paper scraps of paper by beheading occurred is more common. These scraps of paper should be in rewinding and cutting and cleared when the selected. If you have a scrap of paper in the paper, can cause error and fault when printed. Paper mill often have one or two a scrap of paper on the paper clip problem not too seriously, think that it's not a big impact, actually a scrap of paper will bring big trouble to printing and large economic loss. When using a web or sheet printing, if one has a scrap of paper, these scraps of paper will be attached on paper into the printer, the printing pressure and printing ink viscosity will make a scrap of paper on the rubber roller or space. Thus make the plate on the text and images here can't transfer to the paper, make print form error ( Commonly known as Windows) 。 On high-speed printing presses, if that were to happen, will make dozens or even hundreds of printed matter, and from the rubber roller or pages on a scrap of paper strip off need downtime, such loss is bigger.

2, embossing roller and print contaminated

this pollution is often caused by paper holes and Angle.

holes is refers to under the light with the naked eye can see through the holes in a paper. Big hole hole. Holes in the paper in printing pragraphs leakage happens the quality problem of the pen. When has bigger hole or holes in paper, ink on the plate or rubber roller and shifting from the holes on the impression cylinder, the impression cylinder on rotates continuously to transfer printing ink to print, on the other side of the printed matter pollution damage. When ink transferred to the impression cylinder, if ink viscosity is higher, the paper also will be tore off a piece of two sides at the same time be bonded. Be torn off scraps of paper stick on the rubber roller or layout, also caused the scraps of paper printing fault happens.

Angle is the Angle of printing paper impreaaion nip back, Angle can cause serious printing fault. Can be divided into the dead Angle and angular live Angle two kinds. Angle of paper when printed, this paper printed a piece of printed matters not, there is a printed image on the back. In addition, the Angle on the part of the ink will be transferred to the impression cylinder, a printed on the back of the embossing roller continuous pollution, so that produce a lot of waste. More seriously, if the paper is quite strong, thick Angle may also damage to the rubber blanket, forced outage in version.

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