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Printing version use embellish liquid must pay attention to the concentration and pH control

by:WenJie     2020-04-07
More printing & packaging when using liquid education version, only pay attention to the education version liquid ph to control within the scope of the requirements ( PH value of 5. 0 ~ 5. 4) , and ignored the education version liquid concentration. Actually education version liquid concentration has changed a lot, its pH value change is not obvious, therefore, only control the pH value is not scientific. Because of the change of the concentration will make its composition change, thus affecting ink balance; Embellish version of the change of the liquid concentration, still can cause the change of the surfactant concentration, leading to the change of surface tension, the final effect the education version, led to the decrease of the quality of the printing & packaging quality. So education version liquid concentration is the key to the print quality influencing factors, we have to keep stable ph at the same time, control the education version liquid concentration.
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