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Printing technology of dry after several problems should be paid attention to

by:WenJie     2020-04-08
The coating of hot-melt adhesive BOPP film ( Drum) Security in laminating machine bracket, and then through the guide roller to the electric plating chromium roller, start the main motor slowly turn the heating roller, stay on the effect of color printing quality oriented, rely on tight lateral positioning plate, on the effect of transfer paper. quality and BOPP film together by two electric heating roller, the glue on the BOPP film in hot melt, at the same time by two hot roll after extrusion, film is posted on the printing quality, in order to effect of waste joint firm, smooth, bright and clean, finally through the pressure roller shape to complete the whole process of the coated. In view of the characteristics of the dry film coating, we must pay attention to when working as follows: 1. Check whether BOPP film coating evenly before computer, film coating surface (when installation Through the hot roll) To print the color surface consistent; 2. The roller to keep clean, parallel, clearance on both ends is consistent, and flexible rotation; 3. Each roll over paper gap depends on paper thickness adjustment; 4. Pressure roller pressure shall not be less than 0. 2Kpa; 5. Electric heating roller temperature control in the 100 - Between 125 ℃ to stability in 120 + 2 ℃ is preferred; 6. Lateral positioning baffles depends on product coated width; 7. Paper to continuous, but print lap should not be more than 0. 2厘米; 8. Must be used before printing & packaging quality of coated duster sweep the dust; 9. Real bottom printing or ink printing quality for quantity larger unfavorable use dry laminating; 10. Paper quantitative less than 60 g/m2, more than 380 g/m2 is unfavorable use dry laminating; 11. Membrane uneven or ends tension does not agree to ban the use of; 12. The ink printing quality are strictly forbidden to film coating; 13. Effect of speed according to the temperature of the heating roller and feed speed, better stability in 150 copies per minute; 14. Be good membrane printing quality to cooling stereotypes and then put into use of next working procedure; 15. Laminating workshop humidity is not more than 60%. If ignore these factors can cause: printing & packaging quality of coated difficult, gluing, blister, membrane, crepe, with dirty point, matt and other ills, or even directly to process after the operation difficulty and trouble.
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