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Printing technology is mainly divided into which categories?

by:WenJie     2020-08-26

printing technology can be simply divided into traditional printing and digital printing. Traditional printing press plate, usually printing technology types including lithographic printing, letterpress printing, intaglio printing and silk screen printing, digital printing is the product of the 20th century with the development of computer technology, mainly refers to the image replication technology, computer direct plate making. Digital painting and no direct printing, etc.


lithographic plate is flat, water is used, the principle of the oil does not mix for printing. Graphic part of the plate on the oil-wet hydrophobic and hydrophilic oleophobic blank part, in this way, the graphic part of the adsorption ink, blank part not adsorption ink. Through the embossing machine to complete by transfer of copy. Lithographic belongs to indirect printing, plate on the graphic to transfer to a drum on, again by the rubber cloth roller inking transferring graphic on the substrates. Roll, Jane has good hydrophobic hydrophilic can fully transfer ink, and limit of water transfer. In addition, the rubber blanket cylinder elastic, can withstand a larger printing pressure and to ensure that the correct graphic transfer and transfer. Lithography multi-color overprint, bright colors. format is big, the color saturation of the final products, less noise and stain screen smooth, from that point of view, is better than the other way of printing, lithography in our country have the biggest market for all kinds of printing, designers often contact offset printing is belongs to the lithographic, dominant in the printing industry.


the letterpress printing part is higher than the blank part, and all printing parts are in the same flat surface printing, the printing part apply to printing ink, due to the blank parts below printing, so can't stick ink, and then make the paper and other substrates in contact with the plate, and a certain pressure, make the plate on the printing part of the ink transfer to the paper and printing products, due to the blank part is concave, under pressure when make the print on the blank part slightly raised, form the surface of the printed products have no obvious flatness.

intaglio printing

intaglio printing plate, printing graphic below blank parts, and degree of depression have depth change along with the level of the graphic, graphic layers is dark, the deeper the depth, blank part is on the same plane, printing, the whole layout after coating and printing ink, mechanical scrape ink scrape off the plane, The blank part) Ink to make reservations will be held on the printed page dips ink, then placed on the layout of ink absorption power of substrates with larger pressure, the columns of the printing on the part of the ink is transferred to substrates, to obtain printed matter, because the columns of the printing part of the sag depth degree is different, so part of the amount of ink printing, printing ink ink film thickness on the finished product is not consistent, ink more parts appear less thicker ink color with light color, so can make the graphic look have a shade of color level, is the most important characteristics of intaglio printing graphic is added net 45 degrees. Screen printing

screen printing originating in China. It has a history of more than two thousand years. Belongs to hole printing screen printing, in a nutshell, silk screen printing the name is derived from silk screen printing, silk screen plate material division is very simple, the printing principle is: the plate on the graphic part of the screen hole to hole, rather than by part of the screen hole is plugged, through scraper extrusion press, the ink through the graphic on the part of the mesh is transferred to substrates, form is the same as the original graphic.

screen printing equipment is simple, easy to operate, simple and low cost of printing, plate making, strong adaptability. Substrates can be a good thing, can also be a soft material, can be flat, can also be curved sphere, concave and convex surface. Can be monochrome printing, widely used all kinds of printing ink and coating, on chromaticity and color printing & packaging, because of its simple screen material, basically do much plate, printing area can achieve much, this is not than other printing technology. Digital

digital printing & packaging is defined as: usually refers to the ink, toner, or other dye printing files directly from computer or output devices in the process, due to technical updates, complete a lot of digital printing system has replaced the traditional manual printing method. Before starting the application of digital printing, we need to know the main features:

1, the quality factor of digital printing use toner, printing quality appears bright color, but not for long time preservation, therefore, higher requirements for the quality of printed matter, traditional printing, such as offset printing is still our first choice.

2, rapid delivery because they don't need to traditional printing dry or manual work link, the digital printing delivery quickly, usually for a short version or ask for printing quality, quick delivery compared to offset printing, digital printing has obvious advantages.

3, printing proofing this is digital printing one of the most practical and popular work, what need reminds is digital print more bright, bright in color reproduction, however, the area of the field will not be able to color evenly.

4, the cost of paper printing when the number of hundreds or even thousands of digital printing costs will be high, whether in the use of digital printing output printing quality, must be prepared to budget cost, in fact, with the continuous reduce of offset printing cost, the number in 300 even more printing market, digital printing no obvious price advantage.

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