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Printing rubber cloth stretched too tight in the easy problems

by:WenJie     2020-04-04

if rubber cloth stretched too loose, stamping, rubber cloth displacement occurred under the effect of extrusion and cannot be reset in a timely manner, and causes a double fault. Sub thinning and elastic. If it is by micrometer were measured in the field of rubber cloth condition to calculate the thickness of the printing & packaging pressure, so there are too many sub thinning may result in lack of printing pressure. Stock layer thinned decreases the elasticity of rubber cloth, even in decreasing under the condition of center distance increase the amount of compression, may also appear transfer ink bad phenomenon. If it is air cushion rubber blanket, stretched too tight may also make the foam sponge layer failure, loss of air cushion rubber blanket should have good performance.

2。 Results in uneven printing pressure. Due to the tight force, under the action of rubber cloth in the circumferential direction on different position by the pulling force is uneven, leads to thinner thickness in circumferential direction is uneven, the result is the uneven printing pressure. Stretched too tight, the nonuniformity is more serious. The non-uniform pressure causes the ink transfer inhomogeneity, make originally should be uniform field or flat screen background becomes uneven, in the color image color deviation. Synchronous rolling state. Fine fruit in the normal rubber cloth tension and the rubber roller bag lining thickness, good synchronization between the three roller rolling zone state, so in the case of excessive tension, relative plate cylinder and rubber roller embossing roller synchronous rolling ratio will rise and destroyed the synchronous rolling state, three roller between sliding and affects the correct transfer of branches, the damage level and the color reduction. Accelerated creep and aging of rubber cloth. Stretched too tight, the more easily lead to rubber molecular conformational change, make the molecular chain rigidity, rubber elasticity, affect the printing quality of the product and shorten the service life of rubber blanket.

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