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Printing products common quality problems and cause analysis

by:WenJie     2020-04-07

partial color: reason may be that the poor quality of the manuscript, plate-making inaccurate, plate burning condition control is inconsistent, inky good control step, see sample stage light source is not standard, etc.

color dim, not bright; Reason may be that the poor quality of the manuscript design, plate-making curve of poor low density, color separation, plate burning, false impression too shallow, printing pressure and printing & packaging machine aging, smooth white version of the excess liquid, paper, rough, through the low.

text shampoo: the reason may have Yang low density figure, for larger film fog, plate burning false impression too shallow, printing pressure and printing machine aging, education version fluid overload, insufficient amount of ink, etc.

paste version: due to the plate picture and text part of the spilled ink, caused the imprinting is not clear on the substrates, offset printing quality failure.

the dirty version: bad plate wetted part, cause blank portion of the lis.

fall edition: flat plate by subtle tone becomes shallow, points and lines area decreases, and even lose ink.

node increases: substrates on the dot area than the plate on the corresponding part of the site area increases.

heap ink: ink or other material deposited on the ink roller or rubber cloth, embossing of sediments, affect the ink and imprinted transfer.

deinking: metallic ink roller corroded by wetting liquid oxidization and reject the phenomenon of ink.

ink emulsification: printing ink absorption liquid wetting phenomenon in the process of or caused by too much ink absorption in the wetting liquid printing fault.

roughcast: printing & packaging process, because of the ink is too sticky or paper surface strength difference between paper fibers, packing or paint falls off from the paper surface or pull out. Fault:

printing in the printing process affect the normal production or the floorboard of print quality defects of phenomenon.

misregister: in the process of matching color printing, printing error of the overlap.

ghosting: same quality on the print outlets, double contour lines or text.

sticky dirty on the back: on substrates of printing ink, glue on the back of another image, smearing.

show through: the printed graphic on the back is visible on the paper.

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