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Printing process make value-added products

by:WenJie     2020-08-30

printing post-press processing mainly refers to the surface finishing, binding, technology and the other in order to improve the print compressive strength, the processing method of water and seal or environmental performance. Industry after the fingerprint processing and with the surface finishing as the main direction of print, usually said after the printing process, Hereinafter referred to as the printing process or process) Mainly refers to the substrates to complete a series of processing after printing process which includes shape, cutting, beer hit convex, concave, moulding-die, hot stamping, plastic, folding, punching, polishing, laminating, die-cutting, binding, packaging, etc.

good print for the packing of the goods loaded by the extra effect, for the product added value, must meet the following concave basic conditions of creative design, proper printing carrier, accurate printing color reproduction and meticulous process after printing, printing and after printing process can be regarded as two times in the course of printing the finished product processing technology, for example, the calligraphy and painting works of conception, choice and creation is the main process, but the market before going through the process also many, exquisite calligraphy and painting works always require professional after loading is completed, printing process for printing quality, also is such a crucial procedure.

post-press processing technology more complicated than the printing process, because of equipment, materials, technology category is various, from the simple cutting binding, common concave-convex embossing or hot stamping foil process, to complex shaped die cutting, advanced digital control fiber cutting, etc. , printed after the process is beyond the narrow printing & packaging itself covered by fei figure, for the designers and printing in the printing and printing & packaging design industry technicians to provide a broader, deeper can play free creativity of heaven and earth.

in the planning and design, and the process of printing process after processing, need to pay attention to several aspects:

1, ready to printing samples, as the design of the reference standard

2, choose what kind of printing carrier's influence on the printing process is decisive

3, if possible, compare the need to use all kinds of materials more

4, detailed processing plan, and to discuss with the printing supplier

5, must specify the operational procedures of the special processing

6, even simple processing technology also don't ignore to detail request

7, if involves the manual, oneself start work make sample is the best way to

as a customer is a lot of designers and docking, but more is the customer's procurement staff, so purchasing in print, quote is to understand some simple printing process of background, in order to printing & packaging printing plant will be more efficient communication and service.

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