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Printing pressure when the non-drying label is uneven affect the printing quality how to solve

by:WenJie     2020-03-29

printing pressure had a great influence on printing quality. Maintain a constant average in the area of the effective printing printing & packaging pressure, average, not only can make the print ink color difference is small, can make the imprinting size too. It is feasible to achieve maximum flat flat printing printing pressure. But because it is the manufacturing precision of printing plate flatness problem, and the adhesive is unlikely to be completely average thickness of base material, cause uneven pressure, affect the quality of printing & packaging.

the solution measures are not average one do gasket, where the pressure is small, the workbench bottom cushion; One is properly reduce the hardness of flexible version. But reduce the flexible version of the hardness is limited, if flexible hard through the low, can make the graphic geometry outward expansion, make small font trance easily. During large area printing, printing & packaging pressure problem is not easy to solve, we use the method adopted in hot stamping, namely on the work table mat layer production line checker, hardness of 175 & 90 deg; Silicone rubber version, so that we can solve the problem of insufficient pressure exhaust and local.

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