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Printing plate machine cleaning and maintenance matters needing attention

by:WenJie     2020-03-29

wash link plate is one of the most overlooked blind area, can spend hundreds of thousands of customers buying equipment, ignores the flushing of the important link, this lesson is not little, a lot of problems from incorrect flush link, such as network, not on the ink, the density of bottom ash, print on both sides of inconsistent, scratches, and gradient not divide evenly, dirty and flushing links such as correlation is very large. Customer even half a year not cleaned plate machine, crystallization, roller cracking deformation, plate around the scratch, circulation, temperature difference, what such a state of print quality.

plate machine parameters, and set up problems, such as: temperature, the proportion of circulation, excessive flushing, the ratio of liquid, transshipment, loop filter filter, water washing, gluing, regular cleaning roller to prevent crystallization fouling, scratches, the main points of the first boot after the holiday, etc. , flush the link can not be arbitrarily set basic parameters, the need to pay attention to a lot of content:

( 1) Temperature, velocity, concentration and brush speed is a combination relations, different materials have corresponding degree of resistance to impact, Alkali resistance) Rinses the concentration ratio of to, in accordance with the requirements for manufacturers, rinses can not mix, the more there is no universal rinses.

( 2) In order to save money, to reduce the ratio of flushing fluid rate, to reduce the dynamic and static transshipment, protecting glue, circulating water cycle is simply use a tank of water for a few days, all this is not the way to save the cost of production, production hidden danger is counterproductive. Promote environmental protection consciousness, save water should not be at the moment, a waste of a few pieces of aluminum version of the environmental cost is much bigger than this.

( 3) Flush the link is not the system adjustment, not a bottom ash on heating time, bottom ash probably didn't, but excessive flushing can bring off network, not on the ink, new problems such as loss level.

( 4) Rinses filtering and washing with link, in potions to change filter, printed big week will change the filter element. Someone to save money, wash water filter and then use, or simply don't have to filter. A filter only 10 yuan, version with dirty downtime don't rub off, and again is a how many money? For the provincial 10 yuan, waste two version also build on the machine, printing machine that bother?

( 5) Thoroughly clean the rubber roller regularly to prevent crystallization fouling, regularly check the brush abrasion of pressure adjustment, if there is a scratch layout, find corresponding to the position of the rubber roller clean crystallization point. Before cleaning plate machine, operating a LCD panel covers the waterproof, if the water is and your pocket money. Import two glue stick to keep it clean, clean every day. Clean the glue stick, please pay attention to the glue set of direction, up and down around and back to the position must be the same. If you have, please do not use steel wire ball items such as hanging brush, can use the special cleaning fluid or oxalic acid after soaking, reoccupy sponge cleaning processing.

( 6) Protecting glue nozzle if there is a condensation jams, to thoroughly clean with hot water. Protecting glue and rinses, also can not be mixed. If the replacement of different brand, must will be clean in the slot. Best weekly cleaning replacement protecting glue, they become jelly is in trouble.

( 7) Equipment standby after a period of time, the first version can use a waste for restart equipment go once, the second to flush plate. So that we can avoid many unexpected trouble.

( 8) Regular observation of liquid level, if there is a refrigeration unit to observe the surface of cooling liquid, thermal washing plate relative to the requirement of temperature is higher, especially when the environment temperature is higher than the liquid temperature in the summer. Whereas the relatively constant temperature for plate making quality to be reckoned with, so often should use thermometer measure about the actual temperature and the temperature difference of liquids, keeps up the circulation of the heating and normal state. ( 9) Before the holiday, make sure the machine inside the liquid drug release, add water after cleaning, open the cover, and confirm the closed water and power supply.

( 10) In potions and replace glue, confirmed will drain switch is closed, to reconfirm! Into the slot fill again. Nothing will be a few barrels of liquid waste to sewage of things are not uncommon, glistening silver!

( 11) Drying stick must keep it clean, or dry stains of stamping to layout, will be found on the printed sheet.

( 12) The role of the brush is very important, also need regular cleaning, liquid height should be more than brush, otherwise there will be a lot of annoying bubbles.

( 13) After card version don't pull hard, must protect good rubber roller from scratch, after power reverse rubber roller will exit plate manually, or block out after will be treated as version with scissors. CARDS often card version, if it is, may be plastic roller installation or unilateral wear; If the big version BuKa version card, may be a guide frame and the rubber roller relative position adjustment improper; If the card is Angle, fixed point resistance might be channels.

( 14) Each plate and the parameters of the liquid medicine record needs to be done. Iso, CTP plate exposure environment power, plate machine parameters, the content of the three combination test before they can get a perfect printing & packaging quality quality, so each plate ( Stringent requirements is the same brand of different batches) All need to do before use: plate curve correction. Need to record the plate machine setting parameters for: speed: * * s, brush speed: RPM, dynamic added: * * * * ml, static added: * * ml, temperature: ℃, drying temperature: * * * * ℃, standby time: * * s, standby speed: m/min, glue spraying time: * * * * s, and so on.

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