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Printing plate burning need to pay attention to in several ways

by:WenJie     2020-04-06

print operator before work every day to match test was carried out on the exposure and development, in order to determine suitable for printing and proofing the exposure time, development time, solution concentration. Method: first of all guarantee solution temperature, solution concentration of the main conform to the requirements of the development. Then take a small article PS version, put on the print article signal exposure test article in the face of the signal. To consider the sun before the test version of the service object is different, exposure time test also should make different degrees of adjustment.

。 Article proofing version: signal after exposure development levels 4 gray-scale asked sun off half, 2 small branches brown, site basic accurate reduction of 50, 80 outlets cannot narrow child clean and network edge.

b。 Print: the signal after exposure development level 4 gray-scale request bask in grade 1 and a half, 2 point sun off online, share the joys and sorrows of 50 and 80 point reduction basic accurate edge and branch also requires clear and tidy. Is basked in print and proofing edition to job, mainly in order to solve a prototype with the printer in the difference of mechanical properties of wei, ensure the printing & packaging and proofing sample in order, hue and saturation basic achieve consistent results.

understand the PS version of the performance index, the correct use of the PS version of

in the replacement of new PS version or using PS version of the same manufacturer production and batch number is not at the same time, due to the sensitive liquid ratio is not the same, photographic speed will be different, so the exposure time, development time, the concentration of the developer should have corresponding change.

when using developer, in order to achieve ideal effect enhancement theatre it is best to use the PS version of matching with developer, because different manufacturer production of PS version can have a strong with the weak alkali resistance, if the PS version of the alkali resistance is weak with strong alkaline solution development, did not see the light decomposition of photosensitive layer will be severely affected, smaller outlets after enhancement, image order missing.

when solution concentration is too large, not only has corrosion to the substrate, also can destroy the oxide film of plate, the plate of oil-wet affected performance and reduce the PS version of resistance rate. Strong alkali resistance of the PS version if use alkalescent solution development, phenomenon thorough development, will appear on the printing plate when dirty, and because the development time is too long, aluminum version will be corrosion, affect the use effect of the PS version.

in addition to the dirty, wipe glue, drying

after developing the PS version to be in addition to the dirty. Before in addition to the dirty, first of all, the PS version must be dry, because most of the dirty parts from images or text, and retouching cream with PS edition and version at the contact surface water miscibility and spreading around, easy to erosion images or text, make the image edge, text lines becomes shallow or broken pen. Dip in with the brush tip in addition to the dirty when dab a small amount of cream need to trim the dirty place to try and eliminate in the shortest time, and then rinse with water immediately, avoid retouching cream as retouching time is too long to dry up in PS version on the surface.

retouching time is too long and easy to make dirty pages. Repair after the dirty, a layer of protection to the PS version in a timely manner to wipe glue, if you don't brush glue in a timely manner, the PS version of the close water area will oxidation, hydrophilic can reduce, printing PS version will be dirty at the meeting. The correct way to wipe glue: dip in with sand cloth suitable amount of adhesive solution on the layout of a thin layer and coating evenly, gently wipe all close layer protection, after the brush glue to PS version, and protected.

protection methods: each of two pieces of the PS version with a neutral moistureproof paper separated, storage temperature at 25. C, relative humidity at about 60.

if the print quality in a stable state for a long time, plate burning worker must have the professional spirit of loving, continuously accumulate experience in the work, find a set of suitable for printing and proofing the standardization of scientific data, can with ease, while working to meet the needs of the current mass plate production, improve the work efficiency and ensure product quality.

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