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Printing paper recommend commonly used product manuals

by:WenJie     2020-04-07
If product manuals whole this is a single black printing, product manuals and itself plays a role in product after-sales service, we generally advise clients this to printing & packaging with offset paper, also is what we usually speak writing paper, pointed to printing paper for the printer. 100 g to 120 g offset paper, commonly used cover inside pages generally adopts 70 g to 80 g of offset paper, so that more cost-effective, and the cost is very low. If a four-color printing the cover, inside pages using single black printing. We usually advise clients cover with double copper paper, because of the double copper paper surface more smooth, glossy, appear more upscale, artistic feeling, common double copper paper is 105 g, 128 g, 157 g, 200 g, 250 g, etc. , but the instructions, we generally recommend cover the use of 128 g, 157 g double copper paper, inside pages, of course, still choose 80 g, 100 g of offset paper. So the whole this manual met the texture, and can save the company cost. Some companies, of course, is high to the requirement of specifications, such as a whole are in four-color printing & packaging. We generally recommend at this moment, the book with double copper paper. Common have the following combination. Cover with 157 g double copper paper, inside pages use 128 g double copper paper; Cover with 200 g double copper paper, inside pages use 157 g double copper paper; The book USES as the number of grams of double copper paper. If the company in the printing & packaging & packaging material purchase capital bounteous circumstance, of course choose scheme among the best. If want to make the product specification and beautiful, and want to save costs, we generally recommend that customers use the first solution. Because the first solution is the most cost-effective, the most reasonable. Also should start from the characteristics of the product itself, such as U disk like common specifications, are generally not single, and most is folding, put inside a small product box, the space is very limited. More commonly used 70 g, 80 g writing pad printing, such good comparison folding, and don't take too much space. If use 128 g, 157 g double copper paper printing effect is not ideal, can lead to excessive takes product box space.
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