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Printing machine series of four functions in the course of printing ink roller

by:WenJie     2020-04-06

the printer's ink roller is divided into two kinds: ink roller and series ink roller. As the name implies, uniform ink roller work is uniform ink, then string of ink roll? It except distributing effect also has the following four functions:

first, as the ink roller to provide power, in all of the ink roller, only a string of ink roller, active roller is driven by gear, string of ink roller under the action of friction drive the other rubber roller and the plate cylinder synchronous rotation, to ensure the rely on version of roller can transfer the ink to printing plate;

second, turn better uniform ink, ink roller rotation, only a week to turn, and the existence of the ink roller, can not only provide the circumferential motion power, and because of its axial movement, so again in axial string and ink;

the third, the adjustment of the ink quantity, because the plate layout graphic size can't be all the same, may bite big or small, and the ink roller ink needs to be adjusted according to the layout of situation, is by adjusting the string relative plate bite the starting position of the ink roller to achieve;

4, mitigating the effects of ghost, ghost is what? When the text and field part just within the scope of the diameter of the ink roller, there is likely after the printing & packaging process, the effect of field appeared in a shallow light mark, is often said in printing & packaging ghost, ghost elimination method consists of several, and increase the inking roller chain momentum, its axial moving distance, is one of effective methods.

printing machine mechanical parts of the existence of every part has its one or more action, only in our work, we continuously explore, to be more familiar with and understand, also can flexible adjustment, to make the ideal products, create greater value for the enterprise.

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