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Printing machine feida structure adjustment method

by:WenJie     2020-04-19
The component structure and function of a, feida 1. To the paper. Piled up to be processed paper platform 2. Blowing mouth loose paper. Blow the paper pile of paper on the surface of the pine, facilitate the paper paper. 3. Paper suction nozzle. Blow the already loose a piece of paper the curious to paper suction nozzle. 4. Paper suction nozzle. From the points of paper suction nozzle, took the first piece of paper has been separated, and pass it to the paper roll. 5. Retaining paper teeth. Paper heap on the edge of the former and tidy, and periodically to make way for the sent out each piece of paper. 6. Press paper blow mouth ( Also known as the presser foot) 。 Blow out air through it, will have been paper suction nozzle and draws up a piece of paper and paper pile of separation, and with its pressure feet down the second piece of paper, paper and paper pile height control. 7. Retaining paper brush or tablet. Control the height of the blown loose sheets of paper, to prevent double or more card. 8. After the block board. To make the back of the paper stack ( Drag a little) Keep tidy. 9. Side board. Paper pile lateral and tidy, and control the paper in lose the position of the cardboard, to cooperate to pull the right distance gauge. The adjustment of the two, feida standard description: suction nozzle adjustment height of thick paper in 2 & ndash; — 3 mm, tissue paper in 6 & ndash; — 8 mm, paper suction nozzle and paper suction nozzle height. But the specific practical adjustment according to the paper deformation degree. Points before and after the paper suction nozzle position at the edge of the paper about 2 & ndash; — About 5 mm. 2. Mouth: loose paper wind mouth, after the pile of paper edge should be adjust in 5 & ndash; — 15 mm range, generally thick paper can adjust the near point, tissue paper, reasonable loose paper piles, without slanting blowing off. The best blowing effect to make two or three pieces of paper on the surface of the float up, and the gap between the paper. Some machine bite paper heap in a mouth, blowing around each adjustment can be more close, make the paper between the gas separated, reduce friction, make the paper better. 3. Pressure paper mouth: also known as the presser foot. Whenever the paper suction nozzle sucking up a piece of paper, presser foot, a second paper on which to pin and blow out a certain amount of air volume between two sheets of paper, make up a piece of paper on the float, easy to be sent paper suction nozzle. The depth of the presser foot pressure paper edge is commonly 8 & ndash; — 11 mm, air volume according to the thickness of paper to decide. Another role is with highly controller, once the paper stack is too low, when in contact with the contact, paper heap will rise, quantitative general in 8 & ndash; — Ten rise again. 4. Retaining paper brush or tablet: tablet to adjust to the paper in too much pressure, otherwise it will bring difficulties to points paper suction nozzle, tabletting pressure paper position can be pressure to the iron bend down a little bit, the deformation in 2 mm. 5. Retaining paper teeth: the height of the paper can be a little higher than tissue paper, average height from retaining paper tooth top 3 & ndash; — 5 mm, thin height in 7 & ndash; — 4mm,。 6. After block board and the regulation of lateral baffle board: board is mainly to resist the paper, after don't let paper sliding backwards, to ensure that the paper stack neatly; Side retaining paper mainly is to ensure that the paper to be transported out of the left and right position, and make the paper output to distance and pull gauge baffle control in 5 & ndash; — 8毫米。 So that we can ensure that each paper pull gauge accurate, can be very good in place. Three, lose the ability of adjusting method to lose the ability of role is to transfer feida to paper before accurate smoothly passed to the rules. Paper factories in part by the differential transmission, so the adjustment of the pressure roller is quite important. Pay special attention to is to lose on the cardboard the brush wheel pressure paper in the former provisions after a pause of the edge, mainly can push paper in place, avoid to produce crooked phenomenon such as zhang. Tablet to adjust: tabletting adjustment is mainly to avoid paper bite too become warped, rushed out of the former rules, so general tablet press is next to the former rules, tissue pressure less, as long as it can gently touching the iron plate, thickness of paper can be slightly heavier. Rules to adjust: before the rules regulating height adjustment, general 3 times as long as adjust to the production of paper. Can be adjusted to achieve three sheets of paper.
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