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Printing machine and the use of the ink roller

by:WenJie     2020-04-06
And the function of the ink roller is continually accept the ink from the ink fountain roller surface layer, and pass to the next level of rubber roller transfer ink, is an important part of printer ink system. This link adjustments are accurate, related to the printing & packaging ink adjusting range can meet the needs of the adjustment operation. In the actual operation, the operator can appear sometimes print ink quantity is too large, need to reduce the amount of ink, but somewhat reduced the amount of ink, immediately appeared print ink is insufficient. This is because between the anilox roller transfer ink and the ink fountain roller gap adjustment is too small to cause the space is too small, could not only reaches the ink and ink this two kinds of state, the lack of a gradient range can be adjusted. Without such a gradient adjustable range, cannot according to the size of the printing & packaging quality of the actual need to adjust the volume of ink. Anilox roller transfer ink and ink fountain roller should maintain a certain gap between, keep such a gap, make after put the ink is full of ink, the ink fountain roller and the anilox roller transfer ink has a transitional space, you can freely through the ink keys to change the ink fountain roller ink quantity of anilox roller transfer ink. Anilox roller transfer ink and ink fountain roller between the gap is too small, can cause two roller surface is not normal wear and tear. Equipment normal operation, anilox roller transfer ink and ink fountain roller surface speed difference is very big, if the two roller friction are produced by the contact of the damage is inevitable. To avoid this kind of failure, often only the anilox roller transfer ink and ink fountain roller clearance between check to ensure the gap between the two rollers in a certain range. Anilox roll is a kind of measuring the ink roller, anilox roller can transfer the amount of ink mainly by cable ( The number of mesh is arranged in each inch length) The amount and anilox ( Mesh volume) To determine which of anilox roller transfer ink performance also has very important influence. In general, under the condition of the ink stability of thixotropy, the higher the anilox roller transfer ink line number, the smaller is the spread of ink, the opposite. In addition, the line number of anilox ink transfer roll also determines the scope of its own. Generally speaking, the more printing & packaging area of the field image color piece or request is not too high, can consider to use low line number of anilox roller transfer ink, can guarantee for ink is abundant. Instead, in the fine print images or text and fine line, you should use wire number higher anilox roller transfer ink, prevent the specular highlights is too small and small branch in details the hole so tonal value seriously, or very fine lines.
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