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Printing ink testing new standard will come into effect in September

by:WenJie     2020-04-06
National standardization management committee released on March 6, 2008, 24, approved the 122 national standards, including three printing & packaging ink testing standards. The three printing ink testing standard on December 30, 2008 has been approved, launched on September 1st this year. Print these three criteria are respectively the printing & packaging and printing ink of various reagent resistance determination 'and' printing technology with rod drop viscometer determination of the rheological properties of paste printing & packaging ink and the connection material ', the printing and printing ink printing technology with filter evaluation light fastness xenon arc lamp '. Reporter telephone calls these three standard units under centralized national ink printing standardization committee secretariat, learned that the first standard for the revision, the second and the third is the new standard. The standard council secretariat staff said that the three standards are equivalent to the international standards, mainly to unified inspection method of printing ink, with international standards.
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