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Printing fault of 'powder' on the ink roller ink transfer phenomenon of bad solution

by:WenJie     2020-04-06
The ink roller on powder & throughout; , namely in the process of offset printing, printing operation after a period of time, powder, granular material to appear on the ink roller and ink deposition in unwanted areas ( Such as ink forme roller) Or the ink roller transfer ink bad phenomenon such as deinking. Appear this kind of printing failures, mainly because of the powder particles on the ink roller has a hydrophilic or hydrophilicity. In the offset printing process, water and ink is very important in the process of ink transfer the two kinds of material. Water embellish version of liquid, namely the ink is offset printing ink. Can be performed only in the water and ink transfer well, print out the printing quality can be fine. However, due to the ink transfer under the influence of many uncertain factors, make the ink control becomes the key issue in the offset printing in the most difficult to control. In offset printing process, there will be a variety of ink transfer fault, fault is one of the ink roller sometimes have powder on the case, and lead to poor transfer of ink. Embellish version of liquid water is the main ingredient, around the hardness of water quality is different, generally the total hardness of soft water is 0 ~ 30 PPM, total hardness of hard water in more than 60 PPM. When hard water quality ( The Ca + content is large) , usually cause Ca + and ink resin contact form the saponification of calcium, in contact with acidic education version of acid liquid, and can produce such as lemon calcium or calcium phosphate calcium salt. Saponification calcium has the lipophilicity, will lead to ink deposition in the area, you don't need to make rubber roller surface crystallization, appear preach water and ink bad phenomenon; And calcium salt is hydrophilic, prevents ink transfer and cause the ink roller deinking. Therefore, the solution of the fault is using Ca + content in small soft water as much as possible to allocate or dilute version of liquid, at the same time, should choose those can effectively reduce the liquid calcium deposits in the education version to eliminate the impact of excessive calcium ions. In offset printing process, continuously from the outside into the printing material is mainly liquid substrates, inks and education version. So the powdered particulate matter is necessarily by these three substances directly or indirectly in zone. Generally, if the quality is bad on the surface of the substrates may the powder particles directly into the printing ink in the system. Such as when the paper surface itself with large amounts of paper powder or other powder, the dirt with stamping process by plate moved to the ink transfer system, resulting in ink roller on powder & throughout; Occurs, the failure of its solution is by changing the surface clean substrates for printing production; In addition, the surface of the paper itself is clean, but due to the paper surface coating tightness is not enough in the process of stamping out powder, wool, through plate transferred to the ink transfer system, also can cause the ink roller on powder & throughout; Fault, this kind of circumstance can reduce the speed, reduce the ink viscosity or replace the better quality paper to solve. In addition to the substrates of powder particles are directly related to the material to the printing system, education version fluid and ink chemical reactions occur between calcium precipitation, thus indirectly powdered particulate matter into the printing & packaging system.
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