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Printing enterprises how to acceptance of second-hand printing equipment the method of analysis

by:WenJie     2020-04-04
Testing machine used in the acceptance, inspection equipment in the first place is to look at the most critical components, cylinder; Second is to look at the oil was clear, in order to ensure equipment normal operation; The last is to look at the circuit. In short, is to hear, see, touch and measurement. Listen to, used in idle running, clutch pressure instantly and close work under three states equipment operation whether harmonious sound. Some place if there is any abnormal sound, whether it's cyclical or without cyclical shocks. Sound, suggested that the original used in repair not solve problems, solutions must be found to reason. Otherwise it will affect the normal use in the future. Look, check the appearance of equipment and parts. See parts movements, such as water roller, the ink roller, by water ink, will work normally, the machine itself should have the functions such as powder, axial flow fan is normal work, look at the machine and some auxiliary accessories is complete, and so on. Touch, touch the relative paper embossing roller after drag a part if there is a dent or man-made damage, feel the vibration of the measuring machine, using hand feels when moving the machine, etc. Measurement test, with the aid of testing tools in the machine main drum assembly after comprehensive precision machinery, such as left, middle and right three radial runout and axial channeling. Repeat accuracy and visual full printing without water, ink bar. In general printing industry to buy used phones are used for screen printing. So we used in testing are generally prefabricated field or a flat screen/checkered version, such as testing machine overprint precision, network is clear thick, image if there is a bar, etc. In addition to the above methods, test machine first listen to an introduction to the whole of equipment suppliers, find out the problem: depending on the quality of the equipment itself, including the equipment appearance, parts of internal relations, the print quality, etc. First of all check the printer main components & ndash; — Drum ( Including the plate, rubber, embossing roller) , whether to have broken teeth, the gear shaft sleeve for wear and roller surface whether there is a dent, luo trace of damage, corrosion, welding, plating; Check the precision and the wear degree of gear; According to the parts manual check to see if the parts is complete; Check the iron on the ink roller, chain water roller, preach the ink roller, water roller is serious aging; Check the appearance of the machine, the fuselage and casing have scars; View the CAM wear degree, whether to have broken pin, lack of pin, connecting rod fracture, and the problem of welding repair key parts & ndash; — Diao mouth open appropriateness, etc. Commissioning visual inspection alone can not guarantee the quality of printing truly, user or supplier purchase equipment of choose and buy must, in the test equipment by computer printing & packaging quality. Check the print quality is the key step for testing quality of second-hand printing & packaging equipment, such as printed matter whether overprint accurate, network reduction is clear, if there is a bar, etc. Specific commissioning inspection include: ( 1) Equipment after start-up, listen to whether there is abnormal sound, whether the moving parts move freely, CAM, gear etc. If there's any abnormal phenomenon such as beating; ( 2) See feida whether normal, whether the feeding speed smoothly; ( 3) Check the print effect, for ink, water, and network is clear, whether there is the ink unevenness, overprint is accurate, etc. Usually require sophisticated products overprint permissible error is less than 0. 15 mm, general product overprint permissible error is less than 0. 30mm。
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