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Printing carton proof machine daily maintenance and maintenance

by:WenJie     2020-04-09
In the process of proofing, the prototype is one of the most important operation, and, of course, a prototype is in what kind of work condition, is also very important. Only make a prototype is in the best working state, to ensure that node in the process of transfer to keep good quality, eventually get a sample of qualified. Because of proof machine maintenance and maintenance is a process of constantly, therefore it is necessary to establish a set of practical and feasible maintenance maintenance program, and make it standardization and normalization. (1) the ink roller maintenance site changes of proofing sample, will with the hardening of proof press ink roller go bad. Ink roll hardening is refers to the roller is used long, its surface will become light and hard to form a layer of crystal layer when the roll surface crystallization serious, the ink transfer performance will be affected, proofing ink balance in the process of it will be difficult to maintain. Especially the magenta ink, due to the falling water imbibition, will cause the dot appear hollow phenomenon. This sample on site area will be less than the site area of film, color becomes shallow. The desaturation. In some cases, when a change in the outlets of color, can cause the sample tonal deviating from the expected effect, multi-color overprint tonal changes will be even greater. Thus, for ink roller maintenance is how important. In addition to a daily fixed weekly cleaning procedure, must have the specific maintenance measures. Every two weeks to give proof press ink roll down to rest & throughout; The ink roller, put on standby. Keep good working state so that the ink roller, resulting in satisfactory network reduction quality. (2) maintenance of rubber rubber cloth cloth is the outlet from the plate transferred to the paper media. The stand or fall of its performance directly affects the quality of network transmission. Rubber cloth used long after there will be a chemical residues attached on the surface, make the elasticity of rubber cloth. This will make the transfer to paper the network edge sharp enough. Therefore, in the rubber cloth work will let it down and rest for a period of time & throughout; Once, in order to avoid the excessive fatigue. (3) prototype for daily maintenance and maintenance dozen prototype is generally consists of mechanical parts and electrical parts. For mechanical parts, need on a regular basis in the fixed on the surface of the oil hole and transmission parts ( For example, the chain) Add lubricating oil to avoid excessive wear; While for the electrical part mainly is to check and ensure that gas path unobstructed, and keep the surface clean and so on. In the process of proofing, ink roll and rubber cloth to be changing ink when there on cleaned later add other color ink, not casually. Or residual ink will and later add the printing & packaging ink of mixed and affect the quality proofing. In addition, version near stations and rules of powder dust and paper also erase it on time, because the accumulated too much affect the alignment precision.
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