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Printing anilox roll cleaning method and the reason of congestion

by:WenJie     2020-04-09
When was badly damaged by the stability of the print quality, its basic reason lies not in the performance of the ink itself, also is not the precision of the anilox roll, but by the anilox roll cavity in the working process of the ink was dry solid ink caused by congestion. This article details anilox roll cleaning method and the reason of congestion. One, three big reasons can cause anilox roll jam ink dry ink at the bottom of the hole, especially water-based ink drying after more difficult to dissolve in new Mexico, unless dissolved time is very long. Block failure will reduce the magnitude of the effective transfer ink ink cavity. In general, the basic cause of anilox roll block has 3: a, change the calendar, anilox roller cleaning not thoroughly; B, long downtime, no cleaning anilox roll; C, printing & packaging ink drying performance too fast. To do a good job, so, must first sharpen his device to keep the ink amount of precise transmission, must be reasonable cleaning anilox roll. 2, 5 kinds of cleaning methods, essential to a should spray chemical solvents, chemical solvent scrubbing method in anilox roll surface, according to choose the suitable fine brush (anilox roll material Ceramic anilox roller with stainless steel brush, metal brass wire brush roller) , repeatedly scrub with the brush. This method is only suitable for cleaning anilox roll thick cable. Advantage is low cost, convenient cleaning, do not pollute the environment; Defect is unable to go deep into the holes of ink scrub, so not completely clean. It is difficult to clean dirt and JiMo ink at the bottom of the hole. Therefore, you cannot restore the ink volume. B, chemical solvent soak method will all or part of anilox roll into high PH worth highly corrosive detergent groove, let dissolve soften dry solid ink, finally use clean water to remove corrosive cleaning fluid and the corrosion and soften ink fully, although this method is relatively effective, but the long-term use, corrosive solvent penetration layer, corrosion of steel body, also not conducive to environmental protection. C, ultrasonic cleaning anilox roll immersed in an ultrasonic cleaning system full of chemical cleaning solution groove, groove variable frequency device sends a high frequency sound waves, shock and bubble, is solution cave in ink dry ink, resin, coating material in solution and the explosive force within the directional explosion bubble surface, under the joint action of acupuncture point of a place and with the cleaning fluid outflow from the ink. 5 - 值班。 In this period of time, anilox roll is under a high frequency ultrasonic vibration for a long time, will destroy the ceramic layer, ink layer of anilox roller, ink cavity will cause certain damage. In addition, this method covers an area of big, investment cost is high, the process is complex, while there are certain cleaning effect, but this method is perfect, it remains to be the actual inspection. D, low pressure spray cleaning method with sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, as washing powder, spray cleaning anilox roll under low pressure, can thoroughly clean the residual dry ink in the ink point, resin, coating materials, etc. , but should pay attention to the injection pressure is unfavorable and exorbitant, otherwise likely to ceramic layers from the anilox roll out of the body, general pressure shall not exceed 0. 1MPa。 Due to the sodium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate is a kind of softening cleaning medium, easy to dissolve, nonpoisonous and harmless, conform to the requirements of environmental protection in today's global. Practice proved: cleaning effect is good, this method can recover the ink cavity volume, also can undertake cleaning field directly, also including the ink fountain, grease, ink, etc. This approach, though only developed in recent years, a lot of potential, is worth promoting. E, plastic system jet cleaning method principle with low pressure spray cleaning method, but the washing powder with plastic system. This cleaning method can make the cleaning of anilox roll speed increased by 30%, and can improve the quality of printing & packaging quality at the same time, can also extend the service life of roller. This method of plastic system less consumption, without any cleaning process emissions of harmful substances and chemical precipitation, environmentally friendly, high security.
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